Tailoring training

Economic empowerment programmes

Since our founding we have supported nearly 3,000 women to lift themselves out of poverty into skilled and sustainable self-employment.

On average our programmes enable women to increase their wages three-fold. It costs £70 to train each women, and this transforms the lives of their whole extended family.

In 2019 your help enabled:

  • 115 women to be trained and equipped as skilled, independent tailors
  • 37 women to be trained and set up as hand-loom or coconut weavers or coir rope makers

For each of these women supported, an average of three dependent children are enabled to grow up in more economically secure and safe environments. Since 2008 this has meant nearly 7,500 women and children have had their lives changed through the skills programmes you have supported.

Practical enablers

Addressing women’s hardship means addressing practical barriers to employment and education. Our Indian partners work with women to identify barriers, and we have subsequently set up programmes which provide sanitary wear and crisis support.

In 2019 your help enabled:

  • 123 women and girls provided with sanitary wear throughout the year
  • 80 women and their families provided with crisis support and clean water (during Covid-19 the numbers are rising rapidly)