Training and Education Centre

We are currently fundraising to build a new education and training centre to be built on land already donated. We are now building the main structure and our women are celebrating the section which has been completed. We do however still have a way to go to make the building usable for training. We have yet to build toilets and an outside wall to keep out the dangerous snakes. We also need an electric generator and other essentials.

The centre will provide a new community asset, custom built to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our adult training programmes in the day time, and after-school evening tuition for children at night.

Large equipped training rooms, a computer room, office space, kitchens, will be set within a large and secure campus. This offers a significant improvement on current cramped and rented facilities where the security of equipment like sewing machines is a continued concern.

The site will include sanitation and water purification enabling attendees to access safe water outside their homes. The secure campus will provide a unique safe women-only space for peer support and counselling. For menstruating women and girls, the centre will provide accommodation during their periods when they are banned from home.

As an independent facility the centre will be a point of pride in the community. With our Indian partners we have designed it to be a place where children of different castes learn together, and parents have access to learning across generations.

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